Gift Septic Service, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions...

1)  How often do I need to pump my septic tank?
     You should have your tank pumped every 3 years under normal usage, and recommended annually if you have a garbage disposal.

2)  If I look inside my tank, how do I know if it is too full?
     The water level should be approximately 2" below the inlet pipe as it enters the tank.  If you observe clear or grey water without a layer of scum (live bacteria) growing on the surface your tank is not functioning properly and is headed for total septic failure. 

3)  How does doing laundry effect my septic system?
     We know that many households have a "laundry day" and try to do all their washing on that day. The truth is by doing this you can overload your septic system.  We recommend spreading your laundry out over several days so as not to shock the system.

4)  What is the most common indicator that my septic system might be failing?
     If you notice large pools of waste water around your septic tank or absorption field, you are most likely experiencing septic trouble and should call us immediately. 

5)  Is it true that flushing tampons down the drain is a bad idea?
 Never flush tampons, condoms, cigarette butts, diapers, or baby wipes down your toilet.  They do not decompose.

6)  What about expired medication... Can I flush it?
     Although flushing expired medication down your drain is a common method of disposal, it can be very harmful to your septic system! Anything that can kill the living bacteria in your septic tank will shorten the life expectancy of your system. 

7)  How well do over-the-counter septic treatment products work, and do these products         eliminate the need to have my septic tank pumped?

     Most of the products on the market can enhance bacterial growth, but do not replace the need to have your septic pumped regularly; nor have these products in our experience been successful in repairing a failing system. 

8)  If I install an above-ground swimming pool, am I limited to where I can place it because of my septic system? 
     It is actually against Indiana State Health department code to place a pool any closer than 10' to any part of your septic system. The weight of the pool will cause soil compaction, which limits percolation, and also restricts the sun's natural ability to keep this area dry. 

9)  Are certain types of toilet paper better for my septic system than other types?
     We recommend using single-ply toilet paper, as this type breaks down and will decompose more rapidly in your tank.  

Remember:  Live bacteria is the key to a well functioning septic system!