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Septic Pumping


Serving Laporte, Porter, Lake, and Starke Counties

If you are experiencing pooling water, foul odors, slow drains, or sewage back up, you may be in need of septic pumping. 


We recommend that your septic tank be pumped every 2-3 years under normal usage.  Heavier usage may require more frequent pumping.  Additionally, if you use a garbage disposal, we recommend having your septic tank pumped annually. 

After removing the sewage and wastewater from your septic tank, your Pumping Specialist will then "back-flush" for a more complete clean out, and also check and clean the filter (if applicable).  The entire pumping service can usually be completed in under one hour. 

If your system does not currently have pumping risers, we are happy to install these for an additional charge.  

Septic Installaton
Conventional Septic System Installation


To streamline the installation and design process, we are able to meet on site with your local Health Department and Soil Scientist to determine the most efficient system for your property. 

  • GRAVITY TRENCH SYSTEM: Also known as a "Conventional Septic System." As the name implies, gravity drain-fields work by letting gravity drain the sewage from the septic tank into a series of trenches. This means that a gravity drain-field area must be below the draining level of the septic tank. 

  • FLOOD-DOSED SYSTEM: A flood-dose system is a system in which a dosing tank pumps water into the trench system.  The dosing tank utilizes a small diameter force main to a distribution box which is connected to each trench. 

  • MOUND SYSTEM: A mound system is a drain field that is raised above the natural soil surface with spec-23 sand fill material.  Within the sand fill is a gravel filled bed with a network of small diameter pipes.  Septic tank effluent is pumped through the pipes in controlled doses to insure uniform distribution throughout the bed. 

  • PRESBY ENVIRO-SEPTIC: This revolutionary onsite treatment system removes up to 98% of wastewater containments, recycling clean water into the environment and recharging natural water supplies.  Enviro-Septic® is patented and patent-pending. 





  • Water & sewer line installation

  • Driveway installation

  • House demolition

  • Basement excavation & backfill


  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Top soil

  • Heavy machinery 

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